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In actual use with a slow internet, however, Ihave found StreamHijacker works the best. In my experience, it willnever write over the file, or skip ahead. It will only stop ripping ifthe internet gets really, really slow. Usually I canget a perfect 8- hour rip with StreamHijacker, something I could never do with the other rippers.

My question is: Why is StreamHijacker so much better than the other rippers?

Ihr möchtet einen Radio-Stream aufnehmen ?

Da empfehle ich euch den Stream Hijacker:

- der kostet nix
- ist klein (keine 2 MB)
- kann auch aac+ Streams
- speichert in Ordnern je Sender
- splittet in einzelne Songs mit Interpret und Song Titel

Mr. Fix-it services
StreamHijacker operates silently - the stream does not "play" as you are recording, so you won't hear anything until you play back what it has recorded. It works great, however, and uses very little CPU. Also, there is nothing to install - just unzip the download, start the program, set a few options which are saved in an ini file in the program's directory, and it is ready to run. It should also be noted that this program directly records Internet streams, both audio and video, as opposed to Replay Music, which actually records whatever is playing through your computer's soundcard - whether an Internet stream, or a locally played file. Therefore, it may be difficult or impossible to record Pandora or Last.FM with StreamHijacker.

Das StreamHijacker project ist eine alternative zu Streamripper.

Looking for a portable freeware stream ripper that can save streams such as.

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