ShoutCat, IceCast Radio support; MP3, NSV, AAC, AAC+, OGG Stream support; XSPF, M3U, PLS Playlist support;

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What is the latest version?

The and it was uploaded in 10 february 2009.

The is in testing state. You can request it from me via e-mail.


What is the StreamHijacker?

StreamHijacker is a small Open Source stream ripper application that lets you easily save audio or video contents from the internet radio or video servers. StreamHijacker has an inbuilt radio browser, supporting scheduled recording, PLS and M3U lists. It can split the radio stream into songs and add an ID3TAGv1 to every ripped and split song. It supports ShoutCast and IceCast protocols.
Is it secure?
Yes of course. Others are talking about this software as an alternative of the StreamRipper. This software was in the TOP 100 Free software collection in Hungarian CHIP Magazine in march 2008 and also exists in several times on the DVD.
Is it Free?
Yes of course. But the developer of the StreamHijacker needs money like anybody else. You can take a little support by pressing the PayPal button under the main menu. Other type of supports are welcome but must contact with me via e-mail.
What languages are supported by StreamHijacker?
  • English (Default language)
  • Hungarian
  • Slovak
  • Svedish (Thanks to Lajos Hajdu)
  • German (Thank to Ulrich)

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